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Cool new IT Products

As we come towards the end of yet another technologically innovative year we are still seeing more new tech items on the market and I’d like to let you know which ones I think will be trending this month!

At the moment a very popular item is the Hover Wireless Charger / Mouse Pad as it has a huge branding potential and serves as a functional desk item! In a busy office environment where most people have a work phone that sits on their desk all day, a mouse mat is a perfect place to keep the device charged.

A new product to hit the market that has been selling is the Round Glow 3 in 1 Illuminating Cable which charges most mobile devices and has a handy key ring attached. This product is best suited for laser engraving as the LED lights from within the round attachment light up your logo.

The Urban Explorer Commuter Bag is perfect for carrying your devices when travelling to and from work and features anti-theft security with a discreet main compartment and zippers to help prevent theft. The backpack is made out of durable polyester material with a heat and water-resistant panel on the front with reflective safety stripe. The inside of the commuter backpack has two padded pockets for storing a laptop and tablet that secures with an elastic strap.

Wireless chargers are still incredibly popular at the moment and one of the best ones out there is the Maximus Inductive Charger Power Bank. The Maximus contains enough capacity to recharge most phones on the market 2+ times and tablets up to 50% and can be charged up to 300 times. Similar to the Hover Wireless Charger, these power banks have huge branding potential when using a direct digital print.

If you would like to know any more about these products or are interested in some more IT items please email me on

Want to know the best wireless charger to buy for your clients?

There’s been a huge surge in Wireless Chargers recently and we thought we would help you out by putting together a simple visual cheat sheet that compares some of the best chargers out there. We know it can be a little challenging when trying to work out all the differences between chargers and most people ask me:

– What devices do they charge?

– What type of print will work best for which charger?

– Which one would suit my brand and help it stand out?

– What’s the difference in performance between low and high cost chargers?


Click Here for the full Review


73% of people say that Promotional Products reinforce brand values.

Wireless Chargers are a great desk item to have and if you’re looking for functionality the Pad Power Wireless Charger is the perfect item to include in your work space.

Wireless Chargers are a fantastic giveaway at the moment and we’d recommend having a look at the Toronto Wireless charger if you’re planning on doing any Trade Shows, if you are looking for more of a Corporate Gift check out the Karma Charger and if you are looking for a high end C- Level gift check out the Qi Wireless Fast Charging Stand.

Lets talk STORMTECH!

Stormtech Clothing are a premium choice for corporate clients wanting quality that lasts
Stormtech Clothing are a premium choice for corporate clients wanting quality that lasts


Winter is here, days are shorter and colder which so l thought l would update on the brand Stormtech.   We are in the peak of our selling our range of  jackets and our top brand would be STORTMTEC , the quality of these jackets are 2nd of none , with all Stormtech products fully warranted against defects in the material and workmanship for 3 years.,

All the clothing comes with a Weather and Climate Guide with 3 levels –showing you how water proof the jackets are and for how long so this means the fabric prevents moisture from the elements from entering the jacket while allowing perspiration vapour to exit. The higher the waterproof rating , the longer you can stay dry, this is all possible through the H2extreme fabric that is used , l have seen this tested and its amazing!.

The other aspect of the fabric technology is the Thermal Production, the material is an alternative to down, designed to maintain its thermal properties while being lightweight and compressible, providing superior resistance in extreme cold conditions.

Stormtech has  a large range all come directly from Canada and from high end jackets to lightweight jacket to a range of polos all fantastic for the corporate market  we sell most of our Jackets to the IT Sector due to the quality and it comes with a range of different branding options. They also offer a range of scarfs, gloves and bags as well all with the options for branding.

The mission of STORMTECH is to develop high performance, technical apparel, bags and accessories for the retail and corporate market. Due to the development in outdoor technology and breathable fabrics STORMTECH improved their outerwear to a very high standard.


The products are made with the outdoors in mind, and these are very popular for clients who want a jacket that is going to last and keep their staff and clients dry and as well as for the outdoors and especialy if you are holding and event somewhere like New Zealand !. The brand creates products that you can work, live and play in. To live up to their quality commitment, STORMTECH works with some of the hardest working and dedicated athletes and adventures all around the world to put their products to the test. Making sure every product is proven to perform.

STORMTECH is committed to sustainability and protecting the natural environment. STORMTECH’s Corporate Social Responsibility has 4 main pillars that provides the brand to produce high-quality products in a way that respects the health, safety and dignity of the workers who make the products, while maintaining industry-leading product safety and quality assurance standards and protecting the environment.

So if you are after an innovative promotional give-away then the STORMTECH performance jacket is for you. If you would like to know more, please just drop me a line and l can put together options based on your brand and what will help you brand stand out in the cold weather!.

New Induction Phone Chargers

In the last few month as have just had a great new range of Inductive Wireless Phone Charges released and these little goodies are a great little giveaways that don’t cost for the earth.

They Work with new Apple 8, 8 Plus & X and suitable for Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8, S9. Connect charging pad to power using micro USB cable provided then place your phone on the charging pad to charge.

If you are looking for a new products to give away at the your next Trade Show event this is a great options for all the IT Companies out there, you are looking at a cost around $6.70 each ex GST for these for a few hundred.


They come in range of designs, some are round and flat and you just lay your phone straight onto it and some are in a stand so you can just pop your phone on to charge and you can see the calls coming through as your phone chargers. They also come in a range speed to charge the phone so like any product range out there, there is a low end and high ( costs range for 100 units $7.00 to $36 )  but again when you are looking at these in Retail they start from $49.95 so even the high end range is still pretty cheap.

As soon as these arrived we tested them straight away and l have to admit l was concerned about the cheaper ones, but they are great.

The models that are selling in stores like Apple have the technology of Wireless Fast Charging and so does our higher end products but  our output of charging is actually faster than the ones that cost around $49.95 each ex GST in retail..

The Branding area that comes with all of these is also great, most are full digital print so if you are looking for a product to help you build your brands message that sits on your clients desk , this is the product of the month.

If you would like to go through the range and for me to compare each of them, please email me at – more than happy to as we have tested all of these!


The HOT 2017 Product! Fidget Spinner!

Popular Promotional Items 2017

As we draw close to the end of the year, l thought this would be great time to reflect

Top performing products for 2017

Well l don’t think l would start within reflecting on the huge success of the fidget spinner!! Didn’t  we see these little gadgets take the world by storm! And just as quickly as they arrived they were out of fashion again!!!! But in around July and August these little items were all the rage!

Another one of the popular items that has hit OTT is web cam covers , ever since Mark Zuckerberg put tape over his camera on his laptop, this has been a product l have been watching and was so excited when we finally got a range in!. Great for any security company wanting a cheap giveaway at tradeshows or general merchandise, this is one of my fav pics for 2017.

We have had some really great drink bottles hit our promo world, l think one of my favourite would be the Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottles   these by far would be one of my most popular bottles for the year where they keep drink bottles during the day for 24 hours and hot drink hot for 12 hours.

So IT Promotional products is still what l completely geek out on!!  and this year we have still had an increase in power banks and cables, standard IT merchandise now for most IT companies, the price is coming down which just  means you get more bang for you buck but starting to see more and more tech items with apps attached to which is great and this is something that will continue through 2018.  With the popular tile product finding keys, OTT has a similar item Trace It Keyring, this item isn’t new for 2017 but has gained popularity with the tile. We have had some fun power banks launched this year – power banks built into Travel Wallets a bit of fun, lm just waiting for the backpack and jacket with built in power banks PLEASE! Let’s hope l see this in 2018!!! On this note we have found a move in more backpacks with more are more companies introducing hot desking more and more people need to carry around their desk items, so high quality backpack are great gift for staff and clients and we have seen a movement in the high end backpacks.

I’m seeing more and more Bluetooth speakers and headphones, and the price for Bluetooth is coming down a lot more now. We now have a range of low end of high end Bluetooth headsets make these are much more affordable gift for client, there are some amazing speakers coming through all high end but we definitely have the quality here now.

There are some fun IT items coming through the , Bluetooth sunglasses , very high quality lens and mini speakers to you can listen to music and answer your phone as well, lots of  fun and something new and different !.

Bring on 2018 and we are always on the lookout for high quality IT products built for the IT Market, we can’t have any of our clients giving away merchandise that has been around forever and at the end of the day we just want to have some fun it with! We are here to show you what’s possible while having fun along the way!!!


Blue Tooth Speakers
Blue Tooth Speakers
The HOT 2017 Product! Fidget Spinner!
The HOT 2017 Product! Fidget Spinner!
Non Woven Bags

Looking for the latest Trade Show Products ? Let us help

Looking for the latest Trade Show Promotional Products

Want to know the best promotional product for trade shows?

Here at Over the Top Promotions we have spent some time putting together what we feel are some great promotional products to help with your next Trade Show, so as part of our commitment to our clients we have put together a catalogue specifically targeting the latest promotional products tradeshow essentials , grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy our latest catalogue.

We offer a wide range of bags all used for trade shows our nonwoven bag is by far our most popular which comes in a variety of sizes and colour, we also have a range of small giveaway items from IT items to confectionery there is l large focus at the moment on carry cups as well when looking to kind to the environment, with also a range of bottles and at the moment our glass bottles are very popular in trade shows.

We spend the time making sure all the product that we suggest align with your brands message and theme to the trade show, we make sure all our logos are PMS matched and checked and we always access the different branding options to make sure we have suggest the best one for you and your brand, and what will help you stand out at your next Trade Show.

Call us today on 1800 728 925 and let asked put together a customised presentation on products we feel will help you stand out at your next tradeshow.

Trade Show USBs
Trade Show USBs
Non Woven Bags
Non Woven Bags

Whats the best decoration methods for promotional products? We Explain..

As we are already in March 2017 I thought I would starts by going through all the different print methods available on promotional products today. It is extremely important at Over the Top Promotions that when one of our clients chooses a promotional product that we choose the best printing methods to highlights the logo on the branded product. For our clients we are lucky enough to work with we always make sure that every single promotional products highlights the logo the best possible way supported by the logo guidelines provided ( this is why your logo guidelines should always be supplied so we can cross reference with the colours chosen, backgrounds, size of logo and placement of logo).

This is probably one of our most popular methods of branding.

Pad printing

Pad printing is when you chose a certain colour which is usually done by a PMS colour (we always match the PMS colour to the logo guidelines provided by our clients), with pad printing this allows you to print up to 4 colours quite easily with a tight registration, however when pad printing the normal size available is approximately 7 cm x 7 cm and the product must be flat. So we use pad printing for things like ,promotional UBs, Promotional Pens, promotional powerbanks, promotional drink bottles and to be hones most plastic promotional products that are smaller will all be pad printed. If we print on metal a different ink must be used and then the product needs to baked or left to try to allow the ink to stick to the product. The pad itself is a square block made of silicon which gets pushed down into the products with the ink on it I have put a link below.

Be aware each colour will incur setup charge.

Screen printing

Screen printing is a method we use when printing ceramic mugs, promotional drink bottles and most clothing such as branded polo and t-shirts, branded umbrellas, branded nonwoven bags, branded nylon bags, Frisbees, and most larger promotional products.

All apparel is normally screen-printed especially if only one colour is been used, screen-printing will allow a larger branding space of approximately 25 cm times 25 cm. If you are screen-printing on a round products and the logo has a tight registration this process may not be available as most drink bottles and mugs are not perfectly round which will mean the registration will be off so in these circumstances the product may need to be pad printed on two sides with a number of setups. You were paragraph knew what.


Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a process use on metal products and some wood products, so we always suggest all metal pens, USBs and metal drink bottles are laser engraved.

Laser engraving will only allow a space of approximately 5 cm x 3 cm when laser engraving a promotional product, so the brand area is quite small compared to some of the other processes, but when looking for a subtle finish this is the best option.

Here at Over the Top Promotions we always suggest laser engraving on pens and keyrings because you will find over time that a print may come off on a metal pen or keyring only because that pens are in a drawer with other metal pens and other metal can scratch it off and keys on a keyring can also scratch off the prints but some guidelines will not allow this so we will always pad print if we cannot laser engraved. New sentence in bossing. New sentence new sentence



Embroidery is the process of using thread onto garments, there are only a number of threads available so we will always match these colours as close as possible to the customers PMS colour.

Embroidery will allow a number of colours to be done at one time so only one setup will be charged however the cost of the embroidery is based on the of the size of the logo being used so it is commonly seen pricing will be done in stitch counts for example 4000 to 6000 stitch counts has a cost then 6000 to 10,000 has a higher cost, so the larger the logo the larger the cost, this is why a lot of the time it is cheaper to screen prints than embroidery on some products.Embroidery has a very long life and will never be removed.


Embossing is where we stamp into the products for example most of our notebooks we embossed or debossed, we can also add a foil to this when the logo is stamped in the products and will be silver or gold, otherwise the logo is pressed into the product with no colour.


Embossing will only work on products that will not melt and have a thickness to them and leather is the best use for this so all of our notebooks and compendiums we normally in boss.

Dye sublimation

Dye sublimation is when the product is completely died before it is assembled, so a lot of sporting club clothing is actually sublimated and then assembled, this will allow us to print right to the edge of the product with as many colours as you like as many logos as you like all over the garments.

You will find that sublimated garments are more expensive than standard polos but it enables the whole garment to be decorator’s sleeves fronts back sides which will probably make the overall costs lower than doing this locally, please Notes a polyester.

Digital transfer

Digital transfer is when we print the artwork or logo on a special printer which is then transferred to the garments by heat, this process is used when the logo or image has a lot toning or many colours are used for example if you had a photo you would like printed onto a T-shirt this is the best method as screen-printing cannot achieve toning very well.

For our clients at Over the Top Promotions it is common that when they order a products we will give them different artworks to approve along with different quotes to approve to show them the options available because we understand all our clients do not understand the different print methods.

With so many print methods available now we always have to make sure we offer the best method that highlights the brand within the logo guidelines.

I hope this helps! But don’t worry we are always across is anyway and lm the first person to pull a job that l feel isn’t highlighting the logo, if l feel we can do it better or the logo isn’t within the guidelines .